So I’ve enrolled in an evening class, called Graphic Design Essentials.

They give us homework and everything! What’s that all about? Anyway, week one was to create an “identity” – to find a brand and design it. As part of an ongoing project for the whole ten-week course.

We’ve had week four now, and I’ve finally gotten my head around what I want to design, so have been catching up on my homework from the first week…

I knew I wanted to learn some techniques to be able to make better data visualisations, but the course isn’t just about that.

I have some ideas of some infographics I might try and play about with, so I’ve invented a theoretical medium for publishing them in. It fits in with my style of negative world view, which you’re getting to know blog-by-blog…

Here’s my new magazine – I’d definitely buy it, you… maybe not…?


Here are some magazine covers I’ve been putting together. More content to follow. Enjoy!