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Avoid exercise to lose weight and run faster

A look at my personal exercise and weight data for 2017 – according to the online services from Strava and Garmin

52% of Pie Charts

Polls with a 52% versus 48% split seem to be cropping up rather a lot lately. Here’s an array of pie charts containing 52% statistics

Something fishy

Charting salmon and sea trout data at the Environment Agency fish counter at Riding Mill, River Tyne. Because fish…

Mundane Monday: A chart called “Dave”

The first of a semi-regular feature where I look for an “interesting” dataset from the narrowest and least interesting source. What can possibly go wrong..?

Charting the prevalence of dinosaurs in Mark Twain literature

Are there really dinosaurs in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?

Eastenders episodes as word clouds

It could catch on…

Hello world!

Pie chart of office cake unpopularity

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